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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome to the Rave Reviews Log!

The newest reviews are listed directly below. You can check out our genre blogs by using the links on the right. And all titles reviewed are in alphabetical order below (note that they may be listed by the series title first). Enjoy! Feel free to comment on any of the reviews.
New Reviews: Spring 2012
Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu in Fantasy
Cinder by Marissa Meyer in Teen
The Crowfield Demon by Pat Walsh in Fantasy
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor in Teen
The Healing Wars: The Shifter by Janice Hardy in Teen
Vanished by Sheela Chari in Mystery
The Whole Story of Half a Girl by Veera Hiranandani in Realistic Fiction
All Titles Reviewed (in alphabetical order by title; may be in order by series title first)
TitleGenreReview Date
5 Kids in 5E and 1 Crazy YearRealistic FictionNov 2007
11 BirthdaysRealistic FictionApr 2009
13 CursesFantasySept 2011
13 TreasuresFantasyNov 2010
11,000 Years LostHistorical FictionOct 2006
Al Capone Shines My ShoesHistorical FictionOct 2009
Aliens Ate My HomeworkScience FictionOct 2006
All of the AboveRealistic FictionOct 2006
Amaranth Enchantment, TheFantasyOct 2009
Among the FreeAdventureNov 2006
Animal Rescue Team: Hide and SeekAnimal StoryMarch 2011
Anything But TypicalRealisticSept 2009
Apprenticeship of Lucas WhitakerHistorical FictionApril 2007
Archer's QuestAdventureOct 2006
Are You There God? It's Me, MargaretRealistic FictionOct 2006
Atherton: The House of PowerScience FictionMay 2007
Atherton: Rivers of FireScience FictionJuly 2008
Aviary, TheMysteryOct 2011
Baseball GreatSports StoryJune 2009
Baseball Great: RivalsSports StoryApril 2010
Baseball Great: Best of the BestSports StoryAug 2011
Batboy, TheSports StoryMay 2010
BeautyFantasyOct 2006
Because of Mr.TeruptRealistic FictionFeb 2011
Because of Winn-DixieRealistic FictionOct 2006
Bella at MidnightFantasyOct 2006
Best Last Days of Summer, TheRealisticJune 2010
BFG, TheFantasyOct 2006
Big Field, TheSports StoryApril 2008
Big RedAnimal StoryApril 2007
Big Time, TheSports StoryOct 2010
Birchbark House, TheHistorical FictionFeb 2009
Bird Lake MoonRealistic FictionNov 2008
Black Stallion, TheAnimal StoryOct 2006
Blessing's BeadHistorical FictionDec 2009
Blind MountainAdventureFeb 2007
Blink and CautionTeenFeb 2012
Blood on the RiverHistorical FictionDec 2006
Blue Sword, TheFantasyOct 2006
Bollywood BabesRealistic FictionOct 2006
Boneshaker, TheAdventureNov 2010
Book of a Thousand DaysFantasyDec 2007
Book Thief, TheHistorical FictionOct 2006
BoundTeenJuly 2011
Boy Sherlock Holmes: Death in the AirMysteryOct 2008
Boy Sherlock Holmes: Eye of the CrowMysteryJan 2008
Boy Sherlock Holmes: The Secret FiendMysterySept 2010
Boy Sherlock Holmes: Vanishing GirlMysteryFeb 2010
Boy Who Climbed Into the Moon, TheAdventureMay 2010
Boy Who Saved Baseball, TheSports StoryApril 2007
Boys Without NamesRealisticMay 2010
Bread and Roses, TooHistorical FictionOct 2006
BreadcrumbsFantasyFeb 2012
Brotherband Chronicles: The OutcastsFantasyDec 2011
Caddy Ever AfterRealistic FictionOct 2006
Calder Game, TheMysteryAug 2008
Castle in the Attic, TheFantasyOct 2006
ChaliceFantasyOct 2008
Change-UpSports StoriesNov 2009
Cheshire Cheese Cat, TheAnimal StoriesJan 2012
Chicken BoyRealistic FictionOct 2006
Chief Sunrise, John McGraw, and MeSports StoryMarch 2009
ChimeTeenFeb 2012
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Ghost HunterAdventureAug 2010
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Oath BreakerAdventureAug 2009
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Soul EaterAdventureMarch 2007
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Spirit WalkerFantasyOct 2006
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Wolf BrotherFantasyOct 2006
CinderTeenFeb 2012
City of DogsAnimal StoryNov 2007
City of EmberScience FictionDec 2006
City of OrphansHistorical FictionJan 2012
Class PresidentRealistic FictionOct 2006
Close to FamousRealistic FictionMarch 2011
Clue of the Linoleum LederhosenMysteryOct 2006
Coastwatcher, TheHistorical FictionOct 2006
ColibriAdventureOct 2006
Come On, SeabiscuitAnimal StoryOct 2006
Conspiracy of Kings, AFantasyApril 2010
CountdownHistorical FictionAug 2010
Cover-up: Mystery at the SuperBowlSports StoryOct 2007
Cricket in Times Square, AAnimal StoryOct 2006
Crispin: At the Edge of the WorldHistorical FictionNov 2006
Criss CrossRealistic FictionOct 2006
Crowfield Curse, TheFantasyMar 2012
Cry of the Icemark, TheFantasyOct 2006
Danger Box, TheMysteryJuly 2011
Danger in the DarkSuspenseFeb 2007
Daniel at the Siege of Boston 1776Historical FictionMarch 2011
Dark is Rising, TheFantasyOct 2007
DarkwoodFantasyJune 2009
Daughter of Smoke and BoneTeenFeb 2012
Daughter of XanaduTeenApril 2011
Day of the ScarabAdventureOct 2006
Dead End in NorveltHistorical FictionDec 2011
Death-Defying Pepper Roux, TheAdventureMarch 2010
Deep ZoneSports StoriesOct 2011
DefianceRealistic FictionOct 2006
Diary of a Wimpy KidRealistic FictionApril 2008
Diary of a Would-Be PrincessRealistic FictionApril 2007
Dicey's SongRealistic FictionOct 2006
DivergentTeenOct 2011
DogboyAdventureDec 2006
Door Within, TheFantasyOct 2006
Dork in DisguiseRealistic FictionOct 2006
Down the Rabbit HoleMysteryOct 2006
Dragon and HerdsmanScience FictionNov 2006
Dragon and JudgeScience FictionJune 2007
Dragon and LiberatorScience FictionDec 2008
Dragon and ThiefScience FictionJan 2007
Dragon Keeper: Garden of the Purple DragonFantasyJune 2008
Dragon Keeper: Dragon MoonFantasyJuly 2008
Dragonfly Pool, TheHistorical FictionNov 2008
DragonhavenFantasyOct 2007
DreamhunterFantasyOct 2006
Dreamer, TheHistorical FictionJuly 2010
DreamquakeFantasyMay 2007
Edge on the Sword, TheHistorical FictionJuly 2009
EggsRealistic FictionAug 2007
ElevenRealistic FictionApril 2008
Elijah of BuxtonHistorical FictionOct 2007
Elissa's QuestFantasyOct 2007
Emergency QuarterbackSports StoryNov 2006
Emmaline and the BunnyAnimal StoryNov 2009
Empty Kingdom, TheAdventureMay 2008
Enchantress From the StarsScience FictionOct 2006
Enola Holmes: Case of the Bizarre BouquetsMysteryJuly 2007
Enola Holmes: Case of the Cryptic CrinolineMysterySept 2009
Enola Holmes: Case of the Gypsy-GoodbyeMysteryJune 2010
Enola Holmes: Case of the Left-handed LadyMysteryMarch 2007
Enola Holmes: Case of the Missing MarquessMysteryOct 2006
Enola Holmes: Case of the Peculiar Pink FanMysteryJan 2009
Entertainer and the Dybbuk, TheHistorical FictionNov 2007
Epitaph RoadScience FictionMay 2010
EverFantasyJuly 2008
Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, TheHistorical FictionSept 2009
Extra CreditRealisticAug 2009
Eyes of the Amaryllis, TheSuspenseOct 2006
FairestFantasyDec 2006
Fairy Dust and the Quest for the EggFantasyNov 2006
Falling InFantasyApril 2010
Far TravelerHistorical FictionOct 2006
Farwalker's Quest, TheFantasyMarch 2009
FeathersRealistic FictionFeb 2008
Fever CrumbScience FictionMarch 2011
Fever Crumb: A Web of AirScience FictionDec 2011
FinallyRealistic FictionJune 2010
Fire of Ares, TheAdventureApril 2009
FiregirlRealistic FictionOct 2006
Fly By NightFantasyJan 2007
Football ChampSports StoryAug 2009
Football GenuisSports StoryAug 2007
Football HeroSports StoryAug 2008
Forever RoseRealistic FictionJuly 2008
FramedRealistic FictionDec 2006
Friendship Doll, TheHistorical FictionJuly 2011
FrindleRealistic FictionOct 2006
Gabriel's HorsesAnimal StoryJuly 2008
Game of Silence, TheHistorical FictionMarch 2009
Garden of Eve, TheFantasyMarch 2008
Gender BlenderRealistic FictionOct 2006
Georges and the Jewels, TheAnimal StoryNov 2009
Getting to First Base With Danalda ChaseSports StoryMay 2007
Gideon Trilogy: Gideon the CutpurseAdventureMay 2008
Gideon Trilogy: The Time ThiefAdventureJune 2008
Gideon Trilogy: The Time QuakeAdventureFeb 2010
Girl Who Threw Butterflies, TheSports StoryOct 2009
Giver, TheScience FictionOct 2006
Glass Word, TheFantasyFeb 2008
Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio, TheAdventureNov 2007
GoliathTeenDec 2011
Gooney Bird GreenRealistic FictionOct 2006
Graveyard Book, TheSuspenseApril 2009
Gregor and the Code of ClawFantasyJune 2007
Gregor and the Marks of SecretFantasyOct 2006
Gregor the OverlanderFantasyOct 2006
Grimm Legacy, TheFantasyApril 2011
GroovesMysteryOct 2006
Hank Zipzer: The Curtain Went Up, My Pants Fell DownRealistic FictionMay 2007
Hank Zipzer: My Dog's a Scaredy CatRealistic FictionDec 2006
Hank Zipzer: My Life as a Secret Ping-Pong WizardRealistic FictionOct 2006
Hank Zipzer: Who Ordered This Baby? Definitely Not Me!Realistic FictionSept 2008
Hannah's WinterMysteryJune 2009
Happy Birthday, Hero!AdventureFeb 2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsFantasyJuly 2007
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceFantasyOct 2006
Hattie Big SkyHistorical FictionJan 2007
Healing Wars: The ShifterTeenMar 2012
Heart of a SamuraiHistorical FictionMarch 2011
Heart of FireAnimal StoryJuly 2007
Here Lies the LibrarianHistorical FictionOct 2006
HeroAdventureMarch 2011
Hero and the Crown, TheFantasyAug 2007
Higher Power of Lucky, TheRealistic FictionFeb 2007
HolesAdventureOct 2006
HotheadSports StoryMay 2011
Hound Dog TrueRealistic FictionDec 2011
House of StairsScience FictionOct 2006
Howl's Moving CastleFantasyOct 2006
Hunger Games, TheScience FictionOct 2008
Hunger Games: Catching FireScience FictionNov 2009
Hungry City Chronicles: A Darkling PlainScience FictionJune 2007
Hungry City Chronicles: Infernal DevicesScience FictionOct 2006
Hungry City Chronicles: Mortal EnginesScience FictionFeb 2008
HuntedAdventureJune 2007
I, JackAnimal StoryOct 2006
I, Q: Independence HallAdventureFeb 2009
In Search of MockingbirdRealistic FictionJune 2007
Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Mysterious HowlingMash UpMarch 2011
Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Hidden GalleryMash UpMarch 2011
Indigo's StarRealistic FictionOct 2006
Inheritance Cycle: BrisingrFantasyMarch 2009
Inheritance Cycle: EldestFantasyOct 2006
InkdeathFantasyOct 2008
InkspellFantasyOct 2006
Inside Out & Back AgainHistorical FictionMay 2011
Into the WoodsFantasyJan 2008
Invention of Hugo Cabret, TheHistorical FictionMay 2007
Invisible Rules of the Zoe Lama, TheRealistic FictionJan 2009
Iron Brand, TheAdventureOct 2006
Islands of the Blessed, TheFantasyFeb 2010
Ivy's Ever AfterFantasySept 2010
Jack and Rebel the Police DogAnimal StoryJuly 2007
Jake Drake, Class ClownRealistic FictionOct 2006
Jim the BoyHistorical FictionSept 2009
Johnny and the BombScience FictionJune 2007
Johnny and the DeadRealistic FictionMay 2007
JunoniaRealistic FictionJune 2011
Kane Chronicles: The Red PyramidAdventureFeb 2011
KeeperRealistic FictionAug 2010
Keeping CornerHistorical FictionDec 2007
Keeping ScoreHistorical FictionMay 2008
Key to Rondo, TheFantasyApril 2008
Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow CityAdventureOct 2006
King of Attolia, TheFantasyOct 2006
Kiss Me TomorrowRealistic FictionFeb 2007
Land of Silver Apples, TheFantasyNov 2007
LarklightScience FictionFeb 2007
Last Apprentice: Attack of the FiendSuspenseMarch 2008
Last Apprentice: Clash of the DemonsSuspenseMarch 2010
Last Apprentice: Curse of the BaneSuspenseOct 2006
Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul StealerSuspenseOct 2007
Last Apprentice: Revenge of the WitchSuspenseOct 2006
Last Apprentice: Rise of the HuntressSuspenseOct 2010
Last Apprentice: Wrath of the BloodeyeSuspenseMarch 2009
Last Dragon, TheFantasyJan 2007
Last Loon, TheAnimal StoryJan 2011
Last of the High KingsFantasyAug 2008
Leanin 'Dog, TheAnimal StoryMarch 2009
Leepike RidgeAdventureMarch 2008
Legend of Bass ReevesAdventureFeb 2007
Like Pickle Juice on a CookieRealistic FictionJune 2011
Legend of the Wandering KingAdventureApril 2007
Lily B. on the Brink of ParisRealistic FictionApril 2008
Lion Hunter, TheAdventureDec 2007
The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeFantasyOct 2006
Lionboy: The TruthAdventureOct 2006
London Eye Mystery, TheMysteryJan 2009
Long Way From Chicago, AHistorical FictionOct 2006
Looking for BobowiczRealistic FictionDec 2006
Lost and FoundRealistic FictionAug 2008
Lost Conspiracy, TheFantasyFeb 2010
Lovely Shoes, TheHistorical FictionSept 2011
Lucky BreaksRealistic FictionJuly 2009
Magic By the LakeFantasyAug 2007
Magician's Elephant, TheFantasyDec 2009
MasterpieceMysteryJan 2009
Me and the Pumpkin QueenRealistic FictionApril 2008
Middle School is Worse Than MeatloafRealistic FictionDec 2007
Midnight for Charlie BoneFantasyOct 2006
Millicent Min, Girl GeniusRealistic FictionOct 2007
Million Dollar Throw, TheSports StoriesSept 2010
Miracle on 49th StreetSports StoryMarch 2007
Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, TheAdventureOct 2006
The Missing: FoundScience FictionJune 2008
The Missing: SentScience FictionJan 2010
The Missing: TornScience FictionSept 2011
Mistress of the StormFantasyJan 2012
Misty of ChincoteagueAnimal StoryJune 2007
MockingbirdRealistic FictionDec 2010
Moon Over ManifestHistorical FictionDec 2010
Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg, TheHistorical FictionOct 2009
Mr.Chickee 's Funny MoneyAdventureOct 2006
Mr.Revere and IHistorical FictionOct 2006
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMHAnimal StoryOct 2006
Much Ado About GrubstakeAdventureOct 2006
Museum of ThievesFantasyDec 2010
My Friend FlickaAnimal StoryOct 2006
My Life in Pink & GreenRealisticMarch 2010
My Name is MinaRealisticNov 2011
My One Hundred AdventuresRealistic FictionNov 2008
My Very Unfairy Tale LifeFantasyJan 2012
Neil Armstrong is My Uncle & Other Lies Muscle Man McGinty Told meHistorical FictionOct 2009
New Policeman, TheFantasyJuly 2008
Nicky Deuce: Welcome to the FamilyRealistic FictionOct 2006
Night of the Howling DogsAdventureNov 2007
Ninth WardRealisticJan 2011
No Passengers Beyond This PointMash UpApril 2011
No Such Thing As DragonsFantasyJan 2011
No TalkingRealistic FictionDec 2007
NorthlanderFantasyMarch 2008
Not My DogAnimal StoryOct 2006
Okay for NowTeenJune 2011
On the Blue CometAdventureNov 2010
One-Handed CatchSports StoryJan 2007
Only You Can Save MankindScience FictionMay 2007
Oracle Betrayed, TheAdventureOct 2006
Out of My MindRealistic FictionNov 2010
Outlaw Varjak Paw, TheAnimal StoryFeb 2007
Over Sea, Under StoneFantasyOct 2006
PegasusFantasyJan 2011
Penderwicks, TheRealistic FictionOct 2006
Penderwicks at Point Mouette, TheRealistic FictionJune 2011
Penderwicks on Gardam Street, TheRealistic FictionJune 2008
Percy Jackson: Battle of the LabyrinthAdventureJuly 2008
Percy Jackson: Last Olympian, TheAdventureJune 2009
Percy Jackson: The Lightning ThiefAdventureOct 2006
Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersAdventureOct 2006
Percy Jackson: The Titan's CurseAdventureAug 2007
Peter Pan in ScarletFantasyDec 2006
PieRealisticNov 2011
Poison IvyRealistic FictionOct 2006
Potato Chip Puzzles, TheMysteryMarch 2010
Prince of Fenway Park, TheSports StoryJune 2009
Prince of the Pond, TheAnimal StoryApril 2007
Princess AcademyFantasyOct 2006
Princess BenFantasyFeb 2009
Princess Curse, TheFantasyNov 2011
Princess of GlassFantasyJune 2011
Princess of the Midnight BallFantasyApril 2009
Queen of Attolia, TheFantasyOct 2006
Ranger's Apprentice: The Burning BridgeFantasyOct 2006
Ranger's Apprentice: The Battle for SkandiaFantasyMay 2008
Ranger's Apprentice: Emperor of Nihon-JinFantasyAug 2011
Ranger's Apprentice: Erak's RansomFantasyJan 2010
Ranger's Apprentice: The Kings of ClonmelFantasyAug 2010
Ranger's Apprentice: The Siege of MacindawFantasyNov 2009
Ranger's Apprentice: The Sorcerer of the NorthFantasyJan 2009
Raven League: Sherlock Holmes is Missing!SuspenseNov 2006
RecklessFantasyMarch 2011
Red Blazer Girls: The Ring of RocamadourMysteryJune 2009
Red Ghost, TheMysteryJuly 2008
Red Moon at SharpsburgHistorical FictionMay 2009
Redheaded Princess, TheHistorical FictionApril 2008
Relic Master: The Dark CityTeenJuly 2011
ReplayRealistic FictionOct 2006
Report Card, TheRealistic FictionOct 2006
Rivalry: Mystery at the Army-Navy GameSports StoryJune 2011
Romeo and Juliet Code, TheHistorical FictionJan 2012
Room One: A Mystery or TwoMysteryOct 2006
RulesRealistic FictionApril 2007
Rules for Secret KeepingRealistic FictionMarch 2011
Running Dream, TheTeenMay 2011
Running Out of TimeAdventureOct 2006
Sacrifice, TheHistorical FictionMay 2007
Sammy Keyes and the Cold Hard CashMysteryNov 2008
Sammy Keyes and the Dead GiveawayMysteryOct 2006
Sammy Keyes and the Hotel ThiefMysteryOct 2006
Sammy Keyes and the Night of SkullsMysteryNov 2011
Sammy Keyes and the Wedding CrasherMysteryDec 2010
Sammy Keyes and the Wild ThingsMysteryAug 2007
Samurai Mysteries: The Demon in the TeahouseMysteryJuly 2007
Samurai Mysteries: The Ghost in the Tokaido InnMysteryJuly 2007
Samurai Mysteries: In Darkness, DeathMysteryJuly 2007
Samurai Mysteries: A Samurai Never Fears DeathMysteryAug 2007
Samurai Mysteries: Seven Paths to DeathMysteryDec 2008
Samurai Mysteries: The Sword That Cut the Burning GrassMysteryAug 2007
Scarecrow and His Servant, TheAdventureOct 2006
ScatMysterySept 2009
Scorpio Races, TheTeenDec 2011
ScumbleFantasyDec 2010
Season of Gifts, AHistorical FictionOct 2009
Seer of Shadows, TheSuspenseAug 2008
SemipreciousHistorical FictionDec 2006
Septimus Heap: DarkeFantasyAug 2011
Septimus Heap: FlyteFantasyOct 2006
Septimus Heap: PhysikFantasyJuly 2007
Septimus Heap: QuesteFantasyAug 2008
Septimus Heap: SyrenFantasyJan 2010
Seven Keys of BalabadAdventureJune 2009
Shakespeare's SecretMysteryOct 2006
Shanghai ShadowsHistorical FictionJuly 2007
SheepAnimal StoryOct 2006
Sherwood Ring, TheHistorical FictionOct 2006
Shooting the MoonHistorical FictionJuly 2008
ShugRealistic FictionOct 2006
SidekicksTeenAugust 2011
Silver Bowl, TheFantasyNov 2011
Sisters Grimm: Fairy-Tale DetectivesFantasyOct 2006
Sisters Grimm: The Unusual SuspectsFantasyOct 2006
Sisters Grimm: The Problem ChildFantasyOct 2006
Sisters Grimm: Once Upon a CrimeFantasyAug 2007
Sisters of the SwordAdventureMarch 2009
Sixth Grade, Glommers, Norks and MeRealistic FictionOct 2006
Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis, TheRealistic FictionDec 2009
Snow in SummerFantasyFeb 2012
Snow-WalkerFantasyOct 2006
Soccer Chick RulesSports StoryMay 2007
Sons of LibertyRealistic FictionSept 2011
Spacer and RatScience FictionOct 2006
Sparrow RoadRealisticAug 2011
Sphere of Secrets, TheAdventureOct 2006
Spy!Historical FictionJuly 2009
Star JumperRealisticmay 2011
StolenMysteryApril 2009
Stone Light, TheFantasyMarch 2007
STORM: The Infinity CodeScience FictionApr 2009
Strange Case of Origami Yoda, TheRealistic FictionDec 2010
Stranger Came Ashore, ASuspenseMay 2007
Summer BallSports StoryJuly 2007
Summerhouse TimeRealistic FictionAug 2007
Sun and Moon, Ice and SnowFantasySept 2008
Sunbird, TheAdventureMarch 2008
Super Sluggers: SlumpbusterSports StoryApril 2011
Tale of Two CastlesFantasyJune 2011
TanglewreckScience FictionOct 2006
Teacher's Funeral, TheHistorical FictionOct 2006
Thank You, Lucky StarsRealistic FictionSept 2008
Theodore Boone: Kid LawyerMash UpMarch 2011
Theodore Boone: The AbductionMash UpSept 2011
Thief, TheFantasyDec 2006
Thirteen Plus OneRealistic FictionAug 2010
This Means War!Historical FictionJune 2010
ThornspellFantasyAug 2009
Timekeeper's Moon, TheFantasyMay 2010
Trackers: Book OneAdventureOct 2010
Traitor's Gate, TheMysteryMarch 2008
Treekeepers, TheFantasyOct 2007
Trickster's ChoiceFantasyMarch 2007
TroubleTeenSept 2011
TroublemakerRealisticAug 2011
TroubletwistersFantasyMay 2011
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, TheHistorical FictionOct 2006
True Meaning of Smekday, TheScience FictionFeb 2008
Truesight Trilogy: OtherspaceScience FictionMay 2008
Truesight Trilogy: The SeerScience FictionJune 2007
Turtle in ParadisseHistorical FictionJune 2010
Two-Minute DrillSports StoryFeb 2008
Underdogs, TheSports StoryNov 2011
Underneath, TheAnimal StoryJune 2009
United Tates of AmericaRealistic FictionOct 2006
Unnameables, TheFantasyDec 2008
Valley of the WolvesFantasyOct 2006
VanishedMysteryMarch 2012
Vanishing ActSports StoryNov 2006
Varjak PawAnimal StoryOct 2006
Vive La ParisRealistic FictionDec 2006
Wabi: A Hero's TaleAdventureOct 2006
Warriors: Into the WildAnimal StoryNov 2007
Water Seeker, TheHistorical FictionSept 2010
Wednesday Wars, TheHistorical FictionSept 2007
Well-WitchedFantasyDec 2008
What Happened on Fox StreetRealisticFeb 2011
When the Whistle BlowsHistorical FictionSept 2009
When You Reach MeScience FictionNov 2009
Where the Mountain Meets the MoonFantasyNov 2009
Whisper in the DarkSuspenseOct 2006
White FangAnimal StoryMarch 2008
White Horse Trick, TheFantasyOct 2010
White Sands, Red MenanceHistorical FictionMay 2009
Whole Story of Half a Girl, TheRealisticFeb 2012
Wild ThingsRealistic FictionJuly 2009
Will of the Empress, TheFantasyOct 2006
WingnutRealistic FictionOct 2007
Winter People, TheHistorical FictionOct 2006
Witch of Blackbird Pond, TheHistorical FictionOct 2006
Wolves of the Beyond: Lone WolfAnimal StoryMarch 2010
Woods RunnerHistorical FictionMarch 2010
Word NerdRealistic FictionApril 2009
Wright 3, TheMysteryOct 2006
YatimahAnimal StoryApril 2011
You'll Like It Here (Everybody Does)Science FictionSept 2011

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